Lovers of nature, outdoor activities, breathtaking scenery….

Welcome to the Gorges du Tarn!
Visitors never fail to be amazed by these awe-inspiring sites.
You need to allow at least a few days to explore them.

The canyon formed in the Causses limestone plateaus by the Tarn offers an extraordinary landscape to discover…

  • By road with stunning panoramic views (Roc des Hourtous, Point Sublime, etc.)
  • By trail: several hiking and mountain biking trails leave from Sainte-Énimie or Saint-Chély- du-Tarn.
  • By water: do it your own way by canoe or hitch a ride with a boatman.
  • By air: paraglide or glide over the Gorges…

No matter how you do it, unforgettable memories are just waiting to be made in this magical, unspoilt and diverse setting.

Geological wonders: (sinkholes, caves, ravines, etc.) to explore on a guided tour or by potholing.

Natural wonders: the fauna and flora are particularly abundant in Cévennes National Park with 11,000 plant species and over 2,400 animal species to spot along every path.

Cultural wonders: the medieval village of Sainte-Énimie is a heritage site, as are many neighbouring areas.
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